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CMN leaflets: Caring Matters Now and Nevus Outreach





CMN medical booklet Caring Matters Now and NCM Brochure Nevus Outreach


Support guidance for families

Baby Looks Different
Age Group: 0-3 years
Meeting People and Feeling Good
Age Group: 0-3 years

Meeting Others
Age Group: 3-6 years

Making Friends and Fitting In
Age Group: 7-11 years
Talking to Other Children
Age Group: 7-11 years
Handling Adolescence
Age Group: 11-18 years

Surge Weber Foundation “You’re not alone”

Introducing Your Baby

Coping With Other People’s Reactions


Practical guides for siblings, psychological impact and healthcare provider (CMTC/OVM)

Guide for siblings

Psychological impact of living with a rare disease

Conversation health care provider